The group of the acrobats under leadership of Mr.Vadim RZAEV can perfectly fit into any circus program. One charming girl with her partners present unique performances on Russian bars and on trampoline. Both acts have no similarity in the world.

Synchronous work of the acrobats on multiple parallel Russian bars, cross flights, somersaults from one bar to another on different levels - these are some of the tricks performed by the artistes. With a bar attached to his feet the artiste makes a somersault from the shoulders of one pair of partners and comes to the shoulders of other partners. All this makes the public watch the performance of this act with wide open eyes.


The second act of the Rzaevs "Acrobats on trampoline" is also very original. In a comic manner the artistes perform the most difficult acrobatic tricks on a shaky surface of a trampoline. But do this on a unicycle or giant spring stilts.
You have never seen this before !

The artistes successfully toured in South Korea,  Japan, Poland, Monte Carlo...

Duration of the acts: "Russian bar acrobats" - 9 min. "Acrobats on trampoline" - 11 min.
Totally 12 artistes.
Weight of the props - 1028 kg


бЮДХЛ пгюеб
Mr.Vadim RZAEV - leadership

╘ master a.polyanski     



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